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Research center


The institute had its inception in 2010 as the Research Center of Shihihutug University, primarily dedicated to applied and basic research. It evolved into a Research Institute in 2016, becoming a pivotal academic and research arm of Shihihutug University.

Goals and Directions of Action

The Research Institute serves the essential purpose of professionally and methodically managing the research and academic endeavors of Shihihutug University. Its objectives include
  • General Planning and Management:Overseeing the general planning of academic and research activities and managing their execution.
  • Evaluation and Future Planning: Discussing the results of academic and research work, conducting evaluations, and determining future goals, directions, and improvement areas.
  • International Collaboration: Establishing collaborations with foreign organizations with similar functions, initiating joint projects, and implementing programs.
  • Methodological Development: Conducting comparative studies on international and national universities’ research and teaching methods, developing proposals for their localization, and providing methodological support for implementation.
  • Graduate Education: Organizing master’s and doctorate courses, participating in defining research areas for students, and providing methodological assistance to elevate the quality of education.
  • Performance Evaluation: Offering professional methodological support and evaluating the performance of research teams, teachers, and researchers in academic and research work.
  • Database Management: Creating and enriching research and academic databases.
  • Conference and Seminar Organization: Organizing international and national academic conferences, seminars, workshops, and discussions, and reporting the results.
  • Budget Management: Forming and managing the budget for academic, analysis, and research work.

Budget Management: Forming and managing the budget for academic, analysis, and research work.

  • Goal Determination: Setting goals, objectives, and priorities for the university’s academic and research work.
  • Comparative Research: Conducting comparative research on the implementation of social science, law, and legal education programs at foreign and domestic universities.

  • Foreign Relations Enhancement: Developing foreign relations and cooperation, elevating the scientific basis of training and research to international standards, and localizing the methodology of comparative legal research.
  • Annual Academic Conference: Organizing an annual international academic conference on law, legal theory, thinking, and legal regulation.
  • Evaluation Measures: Implementing measures such as the evaluation and analysis of academic and research work of lecturers and researchers.

Future Endeavors: In the future, the Research Institute aims to submit the results of academic and research work to nationally and internationally accredited journals and databases. Additionally, support will be provided to increase the number of researchers and lecturers with h-index.

Composition of the Research Institute

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