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Student council

The Student Council of Shihihutug University plays an active role in organizing student-centric activities, focusing on safeguarding the interests of all students, fostering voluntary student participation, promoting successful learning, and encouraging self-development. The council warmly welcomes students who wish to contribute to the planning and execution of these activities.


The Student Council conducts new enrollments for active members annually during the fall semester.

Student Council Admission Process:

Application Submission:

   – Fill out the application form online during the specified admission period.

Selection Process:

   – Applications submitted by students will be thoroughly reviewed and selected by the members of the board of directors during an extraordinary meeting.

Personal Meetings:

   – Selected students will have the opportunity to engage in personal meetings with the members of the Student Council beyond the initial application stage.

One-on-One Interviews:

   – Individual interviews will be conducted between the prospective members and the board members of the Student Council.

Selection Decision:

   – Following the interviews, the final selection of new members will be made by the decision of the members of the governing board of the Student Council.

The Student Council is committed to fostering a vibrant and engaged student community, and it encourages the active involvement of students in shaping the university experience.


Student council

Head of Student Council, Ms. A.Bud-Orgil, 3rd year student

In anticipation of the 80th anniversary of the development of the student organization in Mongolia, the Mongolian Student Art Festival-2022, organized by the Mongolian Student Union, concluded with remarkable achievements. Our talented participants from Shihihutug University excelled in various categories, securing the 2nd place overall with an impressive total of 393.5 points.

Individual Achievements:

– In the 4A class, student B. Amarjargal claimed the 2nd place 🥈.

– The ensemble consisting of 4A class student E. Buyantogtoh, 3A class student T. Lkhagvadorj, 3B class student P. Belgedel, and 2A class student B. Uyanga collectively secured the 2nd place 🥈.

– The dramatic performance team achieved an outstanding 3rd place 🥉.

These accomplishments reflect the dedication, talent, and hard work of our students, adding to the vibrant legacy of the Mongolian Student Art Festival. Congratulations to all participants and the entire Shihihutug University community for this remarkable success!”

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